Letter/Vision: Release the boulder.



When I part the sea, why do you suddenly focus only on the boulders in your path?

They seem huge to you, but they are only ants to Me.


You pray to Me, eyes trained upward. You see Me and My Power. You know My Might and you know My Power. You know I can part the seas and make straight your path.


Your faith, trust, and reliance in Me are delightful. I Delight in giving you Good Gifts. So I part the sea. I make the impossible, Possible – for you, my daughter.


You walk forth through the sea that I parted; focusing only on Me and the Beautiful Path I am taking you on. You don’t look to the left or to the right, all you see is Me, and without faltering, you come closer to the Gifts I have for you at the end of the path.


But then you look to the left and to the right, and you see the path is covered in boulders. Although I have never abandoned you before, and I have always Provided for you when you stumble, you suddenly believe I am not Enough. Your confidence in Me vanishes.


You suddenly believe I cannot Protect you. That I cannot Guide you. That I don’t Delight in Giving you Good Things. You believe that the boulder will overtake you. That it is more powerful than I.


You forget that I myself Created those boulders, and placed them perfectly before you, to test you. To Strengthen you, in Me.


So you focus on it, and forget about Me. You train your eyes on the boulder. You fall in fear of the [un]Known and cling to the boulder to save you. You stop talking to Me, fully believing I will not Answer. That I am not Listening. That I don’t Hear. That I don’t Know. You refuse to look up at Me. You refuse to take another step towards Me – your Protector, your Redeemer. The Giver of All Things.


“Let me control this,” you say. “Let me cling to this boulder and refuse to move, and then I’ll have control of the outcome.” As though I cannot crush the boulder beneath you within a moment of My Power. As though the boulder is good enough for The Daughter Of A King. As though I don’t have Beautiful Good Gifts I am anxiously waiting to Give you, if only you’d lift your eyes to look to Me instead of the boulder.


Daughter – You are in the midst of My Miracle. Remember, I parted the sea so I could be with you. I split the waters so you would come to Me. So I could make straight your paths. I split the sea to remind you of the Power of my Presence, and the Impossible Gifts I am Delighted to Give you.


Why do you doubt Me? When have I ever failed you before? When have I ever let the boulder, which is only an ant in My Sight, overtake you? When have I ever left you? When have I ever let the sea I am holding back from you, come crashing on your head?


Focus on Me. Choose Me. Let go of the boulder. Let go of the fear. Stop clinging to it. Let me Release you from its hold over you, and let your eyes return to Me. You question and fear my Desires for you. You close your hand to me and ask, “But God, what if Your desires don’t match up with mine?”


Daughter – Look to Me. Only see Me. And your desires will become My Desires. And My Desires are beyond your understanding. I am the Giver of All Good Things. I knitted you together in your mother’s womb. I am the Beginning, the Middle, and the End. I am All Things. I see where I am taking you and I am Leading you there. Trust Me. Delight in Me. Focus your eyes solely on Me. Forget about the boulders, and I will take you to the places your heart most deeply desires.


If only you would trust me.


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