Rooted Series [#1a]: Habakkuk 1:5

On Thursday I made the decision to start my “Rooted Verse” series, where every Sunday I’ll pick one verse that will be my Rooted Verse for the week. Every day I’ll pray over it, and have it be my mantra for the day. Then on the following Sunday, I’ll reflect back on all that God showed me/taught me the previous week using that verse, write a blog about it, and choose the following week’s verse.

For my first verse I chose:


[Habakkuk 1:5]

“Look at the nations and watch – and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.”


Now because I chose to start this project on a Thursday, I’m extending this first verse until next weekend, July 3rd.


One – Because I want to give each verse the value and time that it deserves.

Two – Because I feel as though this verse is too powerful a beginning for the upcoming year to set it aside lightly.


Over the past three days, I’ve already been challenged in this verse about how much I don’t want to be challenged in this verse. It’s a big prayer, to pray this verse every day and ask the Lord: “Amaze me. Do something in my days that I would not believe, even if you told me.”

The historical background on this verse is that judgment was coming on Judah and it was judgment so bad, Habakkuk would have a hard time believing it. So I could essentially be asking God to amaze me with judgment on this broken world.

However, this verse has challenged me in a different way. It’s challenged me to pray this prayer as a way to ask God to amaze me in how He uses me. To do something in my every day life that I could not possibly believe, even if He told me.

That is a scary thing to ask for! When I pray that prayer, I am essentially asking God to take my life, and do something incredible with it. And that could mean anything. And that “anything” is scary to me.

So I’m going to take another week on this verse. To really, truly pray over it. Not only for the next week, but to pray this verse over the entire year. To pray that I would be fully open to what God has in store for me in this every day life. That I would be open to being utterly amazed by Him in the things He does and in the way He uses me.

And finally, that I would Embrace God and all that He has for me, while I become more Rooted in Him.

Rooted: to establish deeply and firmly

Habakkuk: to embrace; He Who Embraces; He Who Clings


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