… there is wonderful joy ahead

God has me in this season where I’m reminded of how much I suck.

That I am in a sinner in need of much grace. A lonely child of God that desperately needs a Savior. A daughter who is struggling with her self-worth, and doubting who He says she is.

In the midst of it, it hurts. A lot. He slowly peels away the layers of my heart I’ve laid down to protect myself, and wretches away the lies I’ve spoken to pretend like it’s all ok.

It’s a season where He shows me my blindspots, the ones I’ve intentionally been avoiding or the ones I’ve never seen before. It’s a season with a lot of crying and tears. Ones I pretend aren’t there until they appear unexpectedly, and the only response I have is to kneel on the floor. A season filled with a lot of pain from a broken heart, and whispered pleas of comfort.

It’s a season I spend a lot of time avoiding, understand the need for it while I’m in it, and rejoice at the victories that come from it.

These seasons are always filled with pain. But they always end with much rejoicing.

[1 Peter 1:6]

“So be truly glad, there is wonderful joy ahead.”


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